Great and Fun /Toys to Build Home Playground

Great and Fun /Toys to Build Home Playground

Having an active toddler means that he likes moving, learning, and playing. Meanwhile, playing and having fun is one of the primary needs in childhood. So that the play atmosphere supports the child’s development, it would be better if you build a home playground for kids that is comfortable and fun. How to do it?

To make it happen, here are 5 equipment when building a playground at home.

Great and Fun /Toys to Build Home Playground
Great and Fun /Toys to Build Home Playground


Slides are one of your little one’s favorite games. When playing the slide, he will climb the ladder first and this trains him to maintain balance and coordinate his eyes, feet, and hands before finally slumping down.

Currently, slides already have various shapes, types, and materials. There is also a slide that is specially designed in the house. But you should not choose a size that is too big and tall. Buy one that’s suitable for toddlers in bright colors.


The children’s play area usually provides various facilities, one of which is a swing.

The benefits of playing swings are that it can improve motor skills and train the coordination of the child’s body and mind. However, you should put a safe swing complete with a safety belt and not too high. Plastic swings are fairly safe and very suitable for children, especially toddlers.

Great and Fun /Toys to Build Home Playground
Great and Fun /Toys to Build Home Playground

Kinetic sand

To practice creativity and gross motor skills, you can provide a little special space to play kinetic sand. By playing kinetic sand, your little one can get several benefits. Children can be more creative by learning to form sand, more patient in trying to make their toys form.

This kinetic sand mold has many forms. From these shapes, you can teach your little one new vocabulary, such as the shape of a star, fish, square, and others.

Creativity corner

At the playground, you will find a quiet corner for kids who don’t really like physical activities Well, you can also make a corner like this in the house. Put a rug and a small table in this corner. You can put colorful paper, glue, scissors, crayons, a drawing book, or anything for your little one to work on.


Besides filling the home playground with various games, it’s a good idea if you also provide a mattress on the floor. The mattress is one of the types of equipment that must be on the floor. Its presence is useful to protect your little one when he falls and can also be used as a seat when he plays on the floor.

However, choose a mattress that has a safe thickness and flexibility according to the needs of children that are easy to clean. So, if the mattress is exposed to water it will not be damaged and can be cleaned immediately.

Well, there are so many fun and educational toys for children. For information, In creating a playground, the games provided should stimulate children’s development. And, to support the comfort of playing with your little ones, you can also design a room with attractive colors, shapes, and textures. Because children deserve a beautiful place to play.